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Featuring Aloha shirts from Go Barefoot, and top quality belts from Torino since 1999. Great products at great prices.

We have been in the internet sales business since 1999. And during that time have served thousands of satisfied customers. Maybe you are one of them. If so 'welcome back'. If you are new here, we're glad to have you. 

Our website was down for a couple of months, due to some web hosting issues over which we had no control. But we're back up now, with a new look. And with a pared down list of products that were our best sellers, and the ones where we had the best quality and service.

So, welcome! And enjoy taking a look at the new

heavyweight t's

True heavy-weight cotton T shirts from San Clemente, CA.

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artist prints

A limited number of signed and numbered prints and lithographs from some of the world's top artists.

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GO Barefoot, since 1957

100% cotton or cotton/rayon blend fabrics. Great patterns and themes from America's top Aloha shirt company.

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torino belts and buckles

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artist prints
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heavyweights T's
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Go barefoot 
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Welcome to Serving customers online since 1999.

Here you will find some great products-     Shirts and shorts from Go Barefoot, one of the top Hawaiian shirt manufacturers in the world since 1957.

 Great belts from Torino.

 Top quality T-Shirts from Heavyweight T's. 

  Also, some Artist Prints we have collected and have for sale.

great belts from torino

From one of America's top leather companies. Made in the USA in New Orleans. Belts for all occasions.

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